HSJ Provider Summit

Unlocking the potential of integration and collaboration

31 March – 1 April 2022 | Crowne Plaza, Stratford-upon-Avon

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Registration & Refreshments


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Alastair McLellan, Editor, HSJ


Keynote Interview
Towards a sustainable future: What does new leadership mean for NHS providers?

With a new NHS Chief Executive in post for just over 6 months, this session will be an opportunity to reflect on the first days in post, with a look forwards to the emerging priorities, new realities and challenges ahead.

What will be the role of the centre going forwards? How will the future sustainability of the NHS be assured? What cultural changes will be required? How will the NHS continue to drive innovation? How will the money pan out?


Panel Discussion
Unlocking the potential of your ICS

  • Working differently, as providers, to deliver impact for staff and populations – what does this mean in reality?
  • Transitioning to system thinking as default – challenges and opportunities
  • Delivering systemic change for poor performing areas or trusts
  • What have been the learnings of first wave ICSs?
  • What does success look like in the next 12 months? How can ICSs have an immediate impact on reset and recovery?

Joe Rafferty, Chief Executive, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust & Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust


Morning Refreshments & Networking


Interactive Discussion Groups

Join these intimate and focused small-group discussions to share experiences with senior colleagues and get your pressing questions answered. With tables limited to just 12 participants, ensure you sign up early to secure your place at your preferred table.

Alternative models to build capacity


ICS oversight, regulation and governance


Building the foundations for ICS success


Improving elective care, sustainably


Assessing alternative models for provider collaboratives

Building trust across systems

How can providers shift focus to prevention?

Managing clinical risk in waiting lists


Networking Lunch

Stream A: Transformation Stream B: Reset & Recovery

Establishing a new partnership between NHS and local authorities

  • Strengthening the collaboration between health and local authorities is vital for a patient-centred, integrated service. But in the ICS reconfiguration, how this will be engineered remains unclear
  • Will this be for the local community to determine, or will this be nationally driven? What structural, organisational and funding changes are required to create the mechanisms for change? 

    In this session we’ll explore how to turn good intentions and a desire for change – into a reality.

Alison McKenzie-Folan, Chief Executive, Wigan Council

Quickfire Innovation

Clearing the elective backlog – beyond traditional thinking

Given the size of the waiting list and significant capacity challenges, provider organisations must find innovative solutions to work faster and smarter

Hear from leaders driving collaboration initiatives, working across organisational boundaries, to deliver impact for patients waiting for treatment through:

  • Faster pathways
  • New models of care
  • Increasing capacity

Jim Mackey, Chief Executive, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust

David Furness, Director of Policy and Delivery, Independent Healthcare Providers Network

14.15 Panel Discussion

Working together to transform primary care and community services

  • Does the formation of ICSs present an opportunity to start a new conversation about the future of primary care?
  • How can we bring all primary care voices to the table – beyond PCNs
  • How can general practice be better integrated with hospitals, community services and mental health?
  • Exploring areas where primary care and PCNs are working in a fundamentally different way

Katherine Saunders, Chief Executive, Alliance for Better Care


How can the NHS play a bigger role in delivering local economic and green recovery goals?

  • How to develop your role beyond that as an acute provider
  • Establishing a clear definition to ‘anchor institutions’, what they should be, what they could do
  • Utilising collective leadership to influence the wider determinants of health
  • Responding to the ‘green’ procurement requirements going forwards
  • Delivering impact as a large place-based employer

Dr Nick Watts, Chief Sustainability Officer, NHS England & Improvement


Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

Panel Discussion

Delivering value through place-based integration models

This session will explore examples of how local placed-based wellbeing services are delivering true value for people and stemming flow into emergency care and hospitals. How can we use this as an opportunity to reset partnership working, re-engage staff to work across boundaries and find new innovative ways to achieve productivity gains – and ultimately better services for populations?

Tom Stannard, Chief Executive, Salford City Council

Panel Discussion

Workforce productivity and effectiveness - through a new lens

Working within resource constraints requires a new approach to productivity and effectiveness. Hospitals are looking to target 2-3 things that will deliver the biggest impact.

Through discussion and practical examples we’ll explore how organisations are prioritising their improvement programmes, where they’re investing into digital solutions – and examine how marginal gains can really make a difference.

Matthew Cripps, Director of Sustainable Healthcare, NHS England & Improvement


Panel Discussion

Provider collaboratives: In practice

  • How to manage the tensions of shared responsibility versus sovereign accountability: Real-life examples, learnings and outcomes
  • Ensuring a balance of power in the provider collaborative – what mechanisms are available to help manage this risk?
  • Exploring where and how provider collaboratives are starting to have an impact on population health needs

Glen Burley, Chief Executive, Foundation Group of South Warwickshire Foundation Trust, Wye Valley Trust and George Eliot Hospital Trust


Chair’s closing remarks

Alastair McLellan, Editor, HSJ

19.00 - 23.00

Networking Drinks Reception & Dinner




Registration & Refreshments


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Alastair McLellan, Editor, HSJ


Panel Discussion
Balancing 2022/23 pressures and priorities within constraints

  • Reflecting on the current financial environment and the implications, short and longer term
  • How are organisations balancing national and regional expectations and priorities?
  • Capital constraints: How to continue investing in NHS estates to support the delivery of new models of care
  • Managing public expectations who expect faster and better

Matt Neligan, Director of System Transformation, NHS England & Improvement


Fireside Chat
Staff wellbeing, engagement, motivation: Making a difference

As one of the biggest challenges facing provider organisations right now, this session will explore practical solutions and inspiring examples from leaders genuinely achieving a meaningful focus on welfare, wellbeing and employee engagement (pre and post pandemic).

  • How to become an employer of choice
  • Delivering systemic change to ensure BME staff feel more included
  • Looking after and supporting staff post pandemic
  • Embedding new approaches to flexible working and learning from the pandemic

Steve Russell, Chief Executive, Harrogate & District NHS Foundation Trust

Joe Harrison, Chief Executive, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Session change


Interactive Discussion Groups:

Join these intimate and focused small-group discussions to share experiences with senior colleagues and get your pressing questions answered. With tables limited to just 12 participants, ensure you sign up early to ensure your place at your preferred 2 tables.

Exploring the future of commissioning

Transitioning from competitive to collaborative leadership 

Developing the provider role in tackling inequalities

Driving improvement within constraints

Learnings from the Health and Social Care Leadership Review 

Understanding and managing patient expectations post-Covid 


Morning Refreshments & Networking


Shared Perspectives
Taking a whole systems approach to patient flow

  • With pressures in A&E, as well within primary care and community services increasing exponentially, how can the system work better to resolve both of these issues?
  • With the full reconfiguration to ICSs, how can we now harness whole systems thinking to fundamentally redesign and develop new sustainable models of care?
  • What can we learn from international examples as we embrace reset and recovery?

Lena Samuels, Chair Designate, Hampshire and IOW ICS 

Daniel Elkeles, Chief Executive, London Ambulance Service NHS Trust


Panel Discussion
Navigating the new dynamics of power, decision-making and accountability across the system

Welcome to this next chapter of integration, collaboration and scale! As a Chief Executive or Chair, what does this mean in reality?

  • Is this an ongoing erosion of power, or an opportunity to make a real difference?
  • How will the relationship between the centre and regions play out going forwards?
  • Can we expect further devolution?
  • What will the new powers of the Secretary of State mean in practice?
  • What should leaders be seeking, pushing for vs accepting as the way things are?

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Alastair McLellan, Editor, HSJ

Lunch will be served after sessions finish


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